Devil Maker: Tokyo is coming out in English soon and it is recommended for you to try the game out especially if you enjoy playing TCG's. It is currently one of the best if not the best well made Korean TCG titles.

One of the unique aspects of this game is the RPG style theme it has going on with the whole passive skills and transferable active skills between other character cards. Cards in this game does not have any 2x or 4x multiplier kind of stuff like Million Arthur so you don't have to worry too much about players who Pay to Win. Most of the higher star cards can be earned but will take a lot of work and when you do get one you will feel a big accomplishment!

What makes Devil Maker: Tokyo unlike any game of its genre? Check out some of the game's key features:
※ Over 500 wonderfully illustrated devil cards with various levels of rarity, rank, and grade!
※ Battle throughout Tokyo in Explore mode and unravel the mysterious plot in Story mode!
※ Battle against your fellow contractors in the Arena and receive rewards simply for participating!
※ Do you have weak cards? Transfer skills, merge devil cards, and recontract with your devils to upgrade their power!
※ Team up with your Friends to take on the Core of Darkness, the source of the devils' power, or compete against them to achieve the highest record in the Crystal of the Abyss, an endless dungeon.

Some of the 6 Star Cards

Source: Steparu