NosTale is a cute anime styled online RPG in which players can capture and train pets, customize their homes and complete quests. You can start as an adventurer and move on to being one of the fifteen classes available in the game. The main goal of the game is to fight the evil overlord Dark Horn and his minions. During your journey, you can acquire a variety of cards to turn your character into one of the many different classes.You can also choose from a variety of options to customize your character.

You will also tame the animals you encounter so you can turn them into pets. There are many customizations in this game: you can customize your home, decorate your terrace, and even plant a beautiful garden. In the game, you can also create your own mini-land, which is your own personal area to customize with various items like trees, lamp posts, and other decorations. There are many different possibilities and ways NosTale can be enjoyed.

Times tones are another feature in game. As you progress in levels, you can use time stones to go on secret missions. One of the main features of the game are the classes and specialist cards. The following classes are available.

Swordsman- They use their lethal blades to succeed in close combat. They also have the ability to use powerful elements to assist them in battle. Swordsmen can battle several enemies at once. The specialist cards available for the Swordsman are the Warrior, Blade, Crusader and Berserker.

Archers- Archers are quick warriors who use the weapons in both close and long range combat. They possess a variety of knowledge on things like poisons, toxins, and elements in nature. There specialist cards are Ranger, Assassin, Destroyer, and Wild Keeper.

Sorcerers- This class has the power of magic at their disposal. They can use their magic to attack, curse, or heal people. The specialist cards available for Sorcerers are Red Mage, Holy Mage, Blue Mage, and Dark Gunner.

The specialist cards of Pajama, Chicken, and Jajamaru are available to all of the classes. NosTale has easy to look at cartoon graphics and a deep, complex game play. Give n all of the customization options, there are many different ways that you can enjoy playing this game. You can focus on capturing and training pets, or you can have fun customizing your mini-land. The quests are challenging and fun, and are probably the most thrilling aspect of the game. Thousands of people from different countries currently play NosTale and they are all active in its online community.

NosTale does not feature heavy and dark subject manner like other RPGs, but more of a fun and cheery atmosphere. It is the perfect game for those who prefer a more lighthearted game without the complex storyline. With NosTale, you get the depth of an RPG with the playfulness of an adventure game. NosTale is free to play and can be enjoyed by all.

Source: animemmorpgs