Exoplanet War is a cool sci-fi themed strategy game that allows you to build a pick a race, build a colony and a huge army in order to increase your power and domination of the planet Xenos.

There are plenty of browser based games for the common player, the best aspect about those games is their availability as there is no tedious download process and constant updating. One of the more popular types of browser games is strategy/building games, and Exoplanet War is a great strategy game with some unique aspects, cool design and easy gameplay. Exoplanet War takes you to space, where your goal is to build your first colony, gather resources, build an army and expand your territory and grip of the planet.

First thing you need to do is to choose your race, Exoplanet War features 3 distinct races, each race has its own units and a special research option available only to that race. The unique research can define the main aspect of that race, as the Gaians focus on defense while the Zubens prefer increasing their resources and for the Neckrons it’s all about increasing their attack power. this allows for 3 different play styles so the player can choose the one that is most fitting for him/her.

You start with a simple undeveloped colony on the planet Xenos, the game’s tutorial will guide you through your first steps in building your empire. In Exoplanet War there are four types of resources you need to collect in order to construct buildings and train units, as well as managing your energy consumption. Everything in the game requires energy as it’s the most important aspect in Exoplanet War. Your buildings and units require energy to work effectively, so keep track on your energy production and consumption otherwise your colony will become unstable. Resources production is pretty simple, you start with 3 resources area lots where you can build the various Mines that will farm the planet for those valuable materials. by research you can increase the number of lots to ten, allowing maximum production. your goal is to balance your resource production, as each colony has a different terrain bonus, which is important when choosing where to build your next colony. Resources need storage so make sure your storage buildings can contain them, as the amount of resources can’t exceed the current storage capacity.

Exoplanet War features 17 different buildings to build in your main area, you start with 8 main area lots and increase the number via research, although you can’t build most of the buildings until your main base is at a certain level. the buildings range from research center, combat hanger to an embassy, each has its role in the development of your colony. Every building in the game is upgradeable, each upgrade further increases its special feature (for example, upgrading your main base reduces upgrading and building time for all buildings) and of course costs time and resources in increasing rates. managing your upgrades is another important aspect of Exoplanet War, as in later levels upgrading takes hours and plenty of resources. you can also only upgrade two buildings at a time, so make sure you upgrade according to what is essential at the time.

Once your production is up and running, you can start building your army. There is a wide selection of units to train, each has different stats and purposes as well as cost and training time. the units are divided to infantry, vehicles and aircraft and another division is between attack units and defense units. of course, when attacking its best to have your army composed of attacking units while having a defensive army in your base. you can form several armies and purchase commanders to command them in order to increase their effectiveness. once your armies are formed, you can send them to attack, pillage or colonize other places, but make sure you choose to attack a weaker army, or you might lose your own in the battle. reproducing an entire army can take several hours, and with limit of training two types of units at a time it can be pretty frustrating losing it all in one battle and having to train hundreds of units once more. Its a good idea to invest in some defensive structures as well, as most players would like to retaliate if you managed to invade their colony.

However, there is no real need to attack other players, as you can find in the world map many wilderness areas and special ruins that can grant you once you defeat them special and rare items.
Time management is very important in Exoplanet Wars, since training and upgrading takes time, it is a long term game in which you can log every couple of hours to organize your colony a bit and go back to your other activities. keeping track on your current production is easy with a special feature that unite them all in one small window.

Exoplanet Wars also features missions with big rewards, items you can upgrade and equip your commanders to increase their effectiveness in battle and of course alliances you can join for the social players.

Exoplanet's graphics is lacking as there are no real animation and massive wars ends as a scoreboard, but everything has its own design and the space environment is well made and pretty cool.

Exoplanet War is for those who like building their own little empire, since it’s a browser game it is available from anywhere, which is pretty important for constant managing your training and building queues.if you like battling massive armies, develop colonies and forming alliances, its definitely a game you would like to check out.

Source: mmosquare