For a long time, turn-based tactics games rarely see an exceptional statue like Final Fantasy Tactics, especially in the world of online gaming. But in Japan, that is not a problem with several well-known browser-based games of the style. And among them is Einherjar - The Viking's Blood which  brings players to a Norse harsh world of Vikings. The game owns many factors which build success and depth for a typical turn-based strategy game. And lately, Appirits, the developer has just announced its much expected sequel called Einherjar chapter 2 which is running an Open Beta phase from 17 June 2013 GMT+8.

Similar to its pioneer, Einherjar 2 presents and escalates turn-based factors to a higher extent. More terrains which influence characters' movement and abilities have been updated to bring a diversity of tactics to players. Now each Viking unit may possess Universal Elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Thunder) to enhance his skills and power. The graphics, animation and music are upgraded to bring a fresh experience to both veteran and new players.


Currently Einherjar 2 is in Japanese only, but according to the recent trend of Appirits's games, Einherjar 2 is very likely to be made into a separate English version with unique features, similar to the case of Einherjar 1 which has drawn much attention when it is released in early 2012 for the international market.


For now, if you feel bored of Western RPG school and look for a cool change of turn-based JP art in an online gaming environment, Einherjar (EN) and Einherjar 2 (JP) are recommended.

Einherjar 2 trailer in Japan

Einherjar - The Viking's Blood trailer

Link to play Einherjar 2
Link to player Einherjar - The Viking's Blood

Both of them are Free to Play, and fortunately not Pay to Win.