Choose which faction you will fight for and explore the world of magic and fantasy. In this MMORPG 4Story, you can choose your own path to greatness... What you see upon first glance may not be the truth in 4story. You must explore Iberia and discover what lies beneath the surface. You must put an end to the war that has gone on for what seems like eons and become the greatest hero of all time.

4story is playable in your browser via the kalydo plugin. Its also a client-based game in which you must fight for one of two mighty nations, Derion or Valorian. Both peoples are very strong willed and strive to dominate the lands of Iberia. The dispute over the real history has gone back and forth for ages and now you must choose a side and discover the real truth about Iberia.

Though the war has been going on since the nations can remember, it does not have to go on like that. However, depending on which nation you choose to fight for, you will be limited in where you can go and what you can collect. To defend yourself and your peoples, you will raise arms against the enemy and march out to meet them head-on.

Strategy is the key to victory in 4story and you must devise your own tactics to come out alive. Only by employing your skills with the upmost of timeliness and accuracy can you outsmart and outfight your opponents.

The world of 4story is filled with excitement and danger. As a hero of your people, you will have to conquer your foes and claim final victory for your nation. You write your story and become the legend.

Source: browsergames