From the team that brings you the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, HEX - Shards of Fate is a free-to-play game that combines the compelling collectible and strategic game play of a trading card game (TCG) with the amazing community and storytelling aspects of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) to create an entirely new gaming experience: the MMO/TCG.

Cryptozoic Entertainment, Inc. is a premier developer and publisher of original and licensed board games, card games, comics and trading cards. Their latest project is HEX - Shards of Fate, a game full of ambition to combine MMORPG & TCG elements, and are raising funds for it on Kickstarter.

What are our goals for HEX?

• We want to bring together both experienced TCG veterans and new players who have never played a collectible card game before. The game is free to download and play, so anyone can give it a try!
• We want you to join guilds with other TCG players and practice dueling with the latest deck builds.

• We want you to enter online TCG tournaments and win awesome prizes.

• We want you to take your TCG skills and have them drive an RPG experience, unlocking new cards and treasure, as well as developing your character within a compelling, completely original story.
• Most of all, we want the experience to be deep, engaging, and polished.

HEX takes everything you would expect from a full, deep trading card game and combines it with a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.



- Create your CHAMPION character with a choice of 6 classes and 8 races. Fully customizable champions with talents, gear, and game altering abilities that revolutionize the TCG experience.

- Collect GEAR in rarities from common to legendary and tailor your champion’s winning strategy. Each card in the game is linked to several pieces of gear that fundamentally change how the card works. Equip this gear and find MILLIONS of unique combos and winning strategies. 

And keep your eyes open for extra rare SET BONUSES

- Explore dozens of DUNGEONS and battle with friends in epic RAIDS. Dungeons offer the ultimate PVE experience: deep TCG puzzles and encounters unfold the world of HEX and offer over a hundred hours of game play, storytelling, and the chance to earn new cards and gear (including over 300 unique PVE cards).

- Utilize HEX’s advanced GUILD functionality, and join or create the ultimate TCG group. Practice with friends using the guild deck bank, or join guild sanctioned tournaments.

- Buy and sell cards, gear, and other in-game rewards in a robust and fully featured AUCTION HOUSE. A full player economy will allow you to trade and sell your gear and cards as you build the ultimate collection.

- Earn FACTION REWARDS as you complete quests and unlock world-shattering adventures in the world of HEX. Faction rewards offer players unique cards and gear; as your faction allegiance grows, so does the power of your rewards.


- Fully featured TCG with over 350 cards in the first set alone. Cryptozoic is a leading TCG publisher with years of experience building the World of Warcraft TCG; we have brought that expertise to HEX with the same attention to detail so we can offer the finest digital TCG experience available.

- SOCKETED CARDS! Put gems into cards to customize how they play… with the first ever sandbox TCG, you can design the card. With 20 gems in the first set and numerous socketed cards, the combinations are endless as you mix and match to create your own perfect combo.

- The DOUBLE BACK feature makes each card a unique collectable and gives each a life of its own. Flip your card and see its back, flip it again and see the DOUBLE BACK; each double back features 3 card achievements (unlock them all to transform the card into an “extended art” version), a leveling bar (fill it to transform the card into a foil variant), a trophy case (earn trophies using the card in a tournament-winning deck), and other card-specific information.

- TRANSFORMING CARDS change mid-match as you play, level your troop or hatch a mighty dragon from an egg during the fight. Transforming cards offer players the chance to engage in new strategic formats in an effort to grow their cards mid-match and unlock fun powers and game winning abilities.

- The most aggressive ORGANIZED PLAY infrastructure ever offered for a digital TCG. With dozens of daily tournaments, on demand 8-player drafts and (potentially) REAL CASH prizes, HEX is poised to be the definitive professional online TCG.

Come tournament time, test your mettle in limited (sealed and booster) and constructed tournaments, where the winner is determined by skill and daring, not by PVE-enhanced cards.

And more features may be released for HEX - Shards of Fate if the developer raises enough for this potential MMOPRG/TCG on Kickstarter.