Dungeon Fighter Online is a wonderful and very exciting 2D side scrolling action game that belongs to MMORPG category. The game is even more exciting than the classic beat-EM-up, Streets of Rage and Double Dragon. You can feel the unique retro effect on the game. You will never have any dull moments as there are lots of fighting, interesting PvP combats, high number of levels and stunning graphics with Dungeon Fighter Online.

The game plan of Dungeon Fighter Online is better than Pi Story. The dungeons in the game are completely instanced and only those having same parties are subject to simultaneous adventure. You will quickly complete these individual dungeons as it takes only few minutes to complete them, and you will experience more casual game play than other MMORPGs. You will quickly level up as there are abundant quests and the first job advancement is available when you reach level 18 and level 48.

You can choose from the following six classes:

Slayer: The Slayers are male characters, and you will have the specialization in a number of melee weapons like swords and maces. You will be able to inflict massive damage to the opponents in melee combat but cannot use the shields.

Your job advancements include Blade Master, Soul Bender, Berserker and Asura. When you reach level 48, you get the opportunity to further advance to the Dark Knight, Soul Reaper, Hell Bringer and Grand Master.

Fighter: As the Fighter you will have the proficiency in gauntlets, knuckles, claws and boxing gloves that are used in close combat.

As the Fighter you will advance through Nen Masters, Strikers, Brawlers, and Grapplers. When you reach level 48, you can choose to advance further to Dervish, Hellcat, Champion and Blazing Flower.

Gunner: As the name literally applies, you will get the opportunity of using the guns and inflict heavy damage to your opponents, but your defenses are low as the Gunner. However, you can use heavy armor when you advance to Launchers.

You can advance to Rangers, Launchers, Mechanics, and Spitfires. On reaching level 48, you can advance to Viper, Machinist, Wrecking Ball and Desperado.

Mage: You can enjoy as the powerful spell caster when playing Dungeon Fighter Online. Even though you have the least hit points, you can effectively cast powerful spells. Your job advancement as Mage includes Witches, Battle Mages, Summoners and Elementalist.

You can further advance to Sorceress, Bellatrix, Gaia and Archmage upon reaching level 48.

Priest: you might be thinking that you will have a supporting role as the Priest. But when playing Dungeon Fighter Online, you have a very active and powerful melee class role and can deal with your powerful fists in the combat. You can also inflict massive damage to the opponents by using enormous totem poles of the cross. Your job advances as the Priest include Crusaders, Monks and Exorcists.

You can further advance to Paladin, Templar, and Hyperion respectively when you reach the advanced level 48.

Thief: Your role as the thieves is rather quick and agile. Dagger is your companion, and you can inflict heavy damage to your opponents using it. Your job advancements as the thief are Rogues, Necromancers and Shadow Dancers.

The thieves are quick and agile. They are most proficient at dealing large quantities of damage to their opponents with their daggers. You can further advance to Silver Moon, and Death Bringer classes respectively up on reaching level 48.

Source: animemmorpgs