Today we are celebrating 16 years of marriage, I am very lucky to have a great husband who is always there for me and ever the supportive partner in life. I certainly don't take it for granted that we are still married and going strong. I am very happy to share my life with the man I met on my 19th birthday many years ago.  
Aren't these flowers lovely that he brought me, don't you just love flowers? roses and peonies my fave's.

There is some other big news at our house , my husbands new show GROJBAND is premiering Monday on Cartoon Network in the US , funny we will not be able to view the big event here in Canada but soon enough it will air on Teletoon. We are so proud of my hubby.

you can watch the promo here

It is also available on Amazon and iTunes

Sidekick is also a great success, I get a kick every time I see it on TV, it never gets old.

So there you go , big news I wanted to share, thanks for letting me do so.