Siege on Stars is browser-based sci-fi RPG with an element of strategy and sporting a rich lineup of immersive features including dramatic intergalactic wars, a comprehensive warship upgrading system, multiple combat modes as well as a convenient social networking platform.

The earth is no longer a befitting habitat for human beings, the story says. Luckily, with cutting-edge aerospace technologies, humans finally manage to spot a brand new residence–the cosmos, which is, enormously rich in resources, much to their surprise. However, the innate greed and selfishness together with divergent beliefs split them into four factions, and not a day has passed without contention and competition since.

As a high-calibered soldier at the start of this game, you are bombarded with a deluge of missions which see you ply among high-octane space wars. Your enemies are highly intelligent and cunning, and to exacerbate the situation, they are all well equipped. You have every reason to dread a stupendous military fleet composed of powerful warships, especially when those giant iron birds are decked up with sophisticated devices. However, the good news is that you don’t go to battle scenes barehanded either. A total number of 5 kinds of warships, including Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship and Dreadnought, will come to your service as you delve deeper into the game. These warships are nuanced by a complicated system of attributes, covering Shield, Armor, Recharge Power and Speed etc. Apart from the jumbo ones, you may also purchase smaller-scaled but more flexible battleships, which come in three categories, namely Assault Battleship, Raid Battleship and Remote Battleship. Don’t be mistaken that these cold and feeling-less war machines are your only companions in the game. Actually you can go and visit the Military Academy on each planet and recruit adjutants with different strengths. Though you cannot access to the best of them in one go, the gradual expansion and strengthening of your fleet over time can give you an unparalleled satisfying sense of growth.

When you are fairly started at the beginning of the game with one warship and several battleships, as long as you have courage, a strategizing mind and patience, you will find it is a walkover to accomplish most of the quests, be it foiling an invasion or looting a planet. Between moments of fierce exchange of fires, you may also be asked to assemble a warship, enhance a device or manufacturing a certain armor etc. In the middle of a war, all you need to do is constantly click a right direction for your warship, select your targets and launch your skills with the number keys. 

And when you are out of fights things can be a little complicated, but this is precisely where I find it fun. For instance, it is really entertaining if you are asked to go to a certain planet to do a transaction. You will not only get an airy and celestial feeling when you are steering your warship among numerous galaxies, dotted with lovely nebula and uncountable shinning stars, but also have a realistic thrill to gain profit from your hard work. These moments are arranged with finesse, so hours are easily gone before you even notice it.

Each quest you accomplish brings you an attractive array of rewards, like experience points, potential points, coins, crystals, rare items and more, which will give you an impressive edge to enhance your attributes and those of your warships. Your indexes in terms of attack, defence, leadership and charm can be improved after a quest. Your fleet gets stronger too. For example, when you get enough coins, you can buy more warships and battleships or recruit more adjutants. An alternative to have more warships is to complete as many quests as you can, so that you may be rewarded with enough warship blueprints, out of which you may assemble a new warship with corresponding materials you have found.

Siege on Stars is not all about wars, though. You will never run out of interesting things to do in the game.You grab resources, build factories, manufacturing items, trade them in the market, build a league and many more. It is incredible to see so many features functioning so harmoniously within one game.

Source: dotmmo