Kingdom Knights is a well-done combination of simulation, strategy, role playing elements blended in a 3D environment that make it outstanding from other Facebook games at the present.

In this game, you create a hero, manage the town, build an army and explore the map. You will also need to do some bit of farming to help your army gain motivation. You will also need to decide the soldiers you need to train for your army, whether you want all powerful mages or defensive knights – you decide, it’s your strategy.

The 3D aerial view of the map offers a different twist on how you view the game – so it’s not the usual 2D maps that you encounter in most facebook games. The graphics of Kingdom Knights is too cute and colorful to ignore.

Whenever you complete quests or win battles, you can get items or equipment for your hero, so you get to customize your hero freely. The feature of battle simulation is also very handy – but if you don’t like it, you can skip the battle scene.

Overall, the game is fun and addictive for both casual and hardcore gamers. Remember, this is a freemium games, so cash items are available to help you level faster. But it does not affect the gameplay so much, you can still level up the slower way, visit your facebook friends and help their towns.

Source: Playbuzz