Dueling Blades is a Unity-based MMO game in which you can create your very own duelists and fight hundreds or thousands of players and improve your skills in the art of fighting. It can be simple but complex at the same time thanks to its cleverly made combat-tactics gameplay.

At the beginning, you can start by choosing a first class, like a warrior or a thief. As you level up, you can get access to new skills, equipment, items, and stats for your duelist. Several advance classes are also available  such as Knight, Samurai, Ninja or Rouge in specific levels. Each class has its own weakness and strengths and it is crucial for the player to know all of it.

You can have the best equipment and skills, but if you don’t know how to trick your enemy or take advantage of the battlefield, you will lose. Dueling Blades isn’t just any ordinary PvP game. It highly uses tactics to encourage you to “read” your enemy’s moves or predict where or what his or her next move is.

Some of your character’s skills are useful against other enemy skills. If you and an enemy cast a regular attack or skill at the same time, you will be prompt to play a quick time event in which you must click several circles in the right time. Score higher than your enemy and you get to attack him instead of him attacking you. Also, some special counter skills like the Tsubame Gaeshi or Stun Kick can cancel enemy regular attacks or skills. 

To further improve yourself in Dueling Blades, you need to challenge stronger players. The reward will higher if you challenge and win tough enemies.

Quests are also available in Dueling Blades. They are activated by just a simple click away. No need to travel across mountain ranges or vast plains. Once you accept a quest you are instantly pitted against an AI enemy NPC. Quests may give good experience but the game encourages you to duel other players so PvP gives more gold and experience. It is after all a “dueling game”.

Dueling Blades is a fun and addicting PvP-focused game for any players who really like the idea of challenging and duelling against other players on a daily basis.

Source: Playbuzz