Kapi Hospital is a 2D Browser-Based MMO set in a hospital arena filled with sick and dying patients that you’ll be asked to nurse back to health. The game features 18 individual sick rooms, 77 illnesses, 77 cures and 2 cities. Your goal is to diagnose the patients and nurse them back to health through the use of mini-games and puzzles.

Kapi Hospital offers a unique style of play. It begins with an easy to understand tutorial, given by your very own Professor Fluffling. He is dedicated to teaching you all you need to know to get going in the medical world.

Patients will arrive to your hospital thick and fast and have various ailments such as “Barfritis”, "Alinasal Acne” and over 100 other diseases. They are directed by you to the doctor’s office where these poor patients must be treated with just as many unusual medicines. Luckily there is a team to help you, Nurse Ulga is there to keep track of all your incoming and outgoing patients, while another nurse is ready and waiting to check your patients temperature in the ward. There is a helpful cleaning lady to keep your hospital in order too, as well as your burley construction team ready and waiting to help you expand your hospital.

You can have up to 18 different sickrooms which is enough to keep anyone busy! While running your hospital, you will also be in charge of running your ambulances on unusual quests all over town, become involved in numerous emergency operations and be able to research evolutionary treatments for the ever increasing random illnesses that you must tackle. Be wary of aliens abducting your patients sent by the evil Dr. Knievel, cleaning squads fanatical with tidying and builders who occasionally come and cause complete game frenzy.

These original Kapi Hospital graphics make a huge difference to game play, as it allows you to really get a feel of hospital life. You can also play through Facebook and compare your hospital to your friends. It is possible to buy game money with real money, which allows you to buy more rooms in your hospital, decorations and even order your own alien attack on Dr. Knievel!