I was just minding my own business last night scrolling through Pinterest looking for beautiful home decor, recipes and DIY inspiration and I happened upon once again a blog that literally blows my mind....it's called Sunny Side Up I obviously am drawn to the incredibly beautiful and perfect brand new dream home that I see on the blog I mean look at Erin's house...don't you love it?
 I had to stop myself from getting out the paint brush and painting my brand new kitchen cabinets white. Isn't it dreamy?

 This laundry room may however have me re-painting my laundry room because it is so happy painted in this color...I can't even explain...this is one of two laundry rooms....I want to tell Erin it is possible to have your kids do their own laundry my kids started doing their own laundry at 12 and 15 years old...it is a wonderful thing.

So there is all this drool worthy decor to pin and inspire but there is something else....
ORGANIZATION ....Erin is the queen of organization...which resulted in my waking up this morning feeling like I need desperately to organize better....and I got right to cleaning out cabinets in my kitchen early this morning. 
 Check out this POST for all Erin's organization posts...you can thank me later.

After taking a good hard look at how unorganized I currently am, I am going to go through all my stuff and get rid of what we don't need and don't use and after that I am going to tackle adding drawers to all our lower cabinets in the kitchen which I have been meaning to do...I figure if I tackle one cabinet a week than it will be very managable. I'm kind of excited.

I'm going to soon show on the blog once again how to easily and affordably add pull outs and drawers to standard base cabinets...it's so easy so check back for that next week. You can take a look at this POST here to see how I added drawers to this cabinet which has been a huge success organization is eassy if everything has it's own space.