Edmonton? Is that the place with the big mall? Yes, that is Edmonton’s greatest hit, but there is a whole album worth of great tracks to check out here.
There are groovy neighborhoods such as the Old Strathcona area, where hip urbanites gather to shop for cool threads and have a killer meal. Elsewhere there are great museums and galleries keeping the local history alive and well. Cutting through town like a baseline is an urban wilderness area that municipalities from around the globe would be envious of. This is all backed up by the textured, multicultural harmonies of the city’s energetic population.
This provincial capital, complete with its architecturally pleasing parliament buildings, is so much more than just a gateway to Jasper and a working class oil boomtown. It’s a destination in its own right, not just for the kids,, but for any traveler looking to check out a city that’s coming into its own. As the sign says as you pass through the city limits: ‘Edmonton, City of Champions’. Though the Oilers haven’t brought home the Cup in a while, this town is definitely still a winner.Show in Lonely Planet