two days after Christmas this faux fur blanket was delivered to my front door, isn't it lovely?
this is was my prize for winning the holiday decorating contest
I feel so lucky , this faux fur blanket is stunning
it is a Gluckstein home blanket

 Moe loves it too , I think he's found his momma
 its about time to figure out the paint colors , so there is a lot of this going on, these were all wrong, too "colory"
 this is better , the middle is Revere pewter BM, and the others are Revere Pewter 50%, which is what I went with , its perfection, full strength it was too deep for the look I want
just one more wall to paint in the family room , then I can move onto wall art and a new slipcover old green stripe has got to go...

my plans are to print out this graphic and to create a tryptic , I love it . I will get large white frames and mattes , the hard part will be choosing which color...but it's just a plan so you never know what will happen....the other option is black and white photography of course

I have my eye on the striped slipcover at ikea but my husband doesn't love it , but I really think it will work...mostly everything is simple and neutral so maybe this will add a little happiness, I don't want to over do it with solids...

hope you're having a great start to the new year, I'm trying to get back on track with health and weight, its always my battle....sometimes I give up , but no more , I'm not gonna give up , that's my plan...