I am contemplating making or getting a larger round table for the new dining room when I came across a wonderful local craftsman. This table stopped me in my tracks. I made an appointment to go see the showroom the next day.
I took a short drive outside of our city where I found the most beautiful showroom and tables around... Heritage Harvest Tables where Ken and Karen are a great team turning out beautiful classic tables.
 I know you all will just love this barn door built using real authentic red barn board...isn't it stunning?
 I would really love to have this table in my kitchen I think it would be a beautiful centerpiece for our kitchen.
 So many beautiful solid tables....they were recently featured in Style at Home in a High Low article,
So if you are looking for a new table I would suggest checking out their website and check them out. I really think it is always a good choice to shop and support local businesses like this.
Although I am still not sure if I am going to get a new table or use the one we have I would certainly have this business on the top of my list for when and if I do decide to buy a new table...

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