GoldFire Studios has announced that CasinoRPG, a Kickstarter-funded game, has hit its open beta phase of development. According to the team, CasinoRPG takes elements from city building, tycoon and role-playing games and combines them into a single entity.

Social casino gaming has become a crowded space over the last few years, with slots and poker games gaining mass adoption on Facebook, mobile and other platforms. Instead of simply accumulating gambling winnings, players of CasinoRPG are able to use their virtual winnings to build casino empires, design luxury apartments and follow a vibrant story throughout the sprawling cities. These cities are then built, designed and managed by all of the players in the game, connecting the gambling side with the tycoon, city building and role-playing elements.

CasinoRPG has been designed from the ground up for the open web. It belongs to no specific platform and can run on virtually any device thanks to the use of HTML5 browser technologies. This presents a number of advantages including instant play without the need for downloads or plugins.