Today, with an announcement on Aeria Games' facebook a few hours ago, Aura Kingdom, another potential hit anime MMORPG after Eden Eternal, releases its full website. Players could learn all the game details and download fan-kit material via the official site. The beta test sign-up also kicked off.

Aura Kingdom, a jaw-dropping new anime MMORPG, is created by the talented developers of fan-favorite Eden Eternal. Aura Kingdom will immerse you in a spellbinding world with curious creatures, fast-paced combat, and brilliant, majestic visuals.

Aura Kingdom's features:
  • Interactive Companions: Journey with far more than simple pets at your side. Evolve your companions, utilize incredible combo attacks, and converse with them about your past exploits!
  • Elaborate Skill Trees: Pick which abilities to power up according to your style of gameplay. Experiment with different strategies and change your skills often to fit any situation!
  • Fluid and Fast-Paced Combat: Use an unprecedented level of mobility to your advantage! Glide through the environment and outmaneuver your enemies to survive dynamic attacks and abilities.
  • A World of Wonder: Explore an unfamiliar world brought to life with a gorgeous, detailed anime art style. Face titanic bosses, delve into exotic dungeons, and climb massive towers!

Source: 2P