, the leading free to play games publisher and developer, today announced that they will be publishing the successful browser game Shikihime Zoushi in Europe in partnership with the Japanese developer, Appirits, Inc.

Shikihime Zoushi is a Japanese-style browser-based strategy RPG with a cute anime style, that is completely free to play and requires no installation. Shikihime Zoushi will delight both gamers and anime fans as they get the chance to play as an Onmyoji, a master of Yin and Yang, using magic spirits called Shikihime in a quest to clear the world of Heian from darkness and monsters.

The unique anime-inspired game design of Shikihime Zoushi will draw in players of all ages, and the engaging turn-based tactical battles will ensure that Shikihime Zoushi becomes a top browser-based title.


Source: mmohunter