Faeria, developed by Abrakam Studio, is a 1 on 1 turn based game mixing the board game genre with tradable cards, coupled to an online interface where you can meet, challenge and trade with players around the world. The game will count over 250 different cards, with 5 levels of rarities, from common to legendary. Currently, the beta test application is available on its official site. If you want to join in the test, just sumbit you email to apply.

With your opponent, you build and destroy the board as you play: land placement is determinant, it's the space that will be occupied with creatures and structures. This is the foundation of a never-seen-before experience, but there is more to it. Unlike most digital Trading Card Games (TCG), Faëria strives to extend the genre with a strategic dimension: tactical battles, resource management, ground control, etc.

In addition to some tournaments and ranking, it also added some other fun gameplay. A crafting system that lets you design and play with your own cards, but how to do is still unannounced. In Ante mode, each player bets cards and the winner takes them all. In virtual mode, you can play with all the cards.

Source: 2P