Project: Velyria is an upcoming browser-based, sci-fi MMORPG from MADSOFT Games, inc. that revolves around traditional dungeon-crawling and turn-based battles with 4 base classes and 36 class advancements.

You play as a colonist abandoned on a savage planet, forced to fight a never-ending onslaught of alien creatures. Interesting and exciting missions send you deep within the caverns that sprawl beneath the surface of Velyria. The gameplay is dungeon-crawling at its finest, with randomly generated maps for each floor in Velyria's vast subterranean network. Battles follow a turn-based battle system, creating a balance between intense strategy and hack-n-slash fun.

You can customize your characters to suit your playstyle through stat allocation, by chooosing between hundreds of weapons and equipment (which can be further customized by chip enhancements), and most importantly, through class selection.

Project: Velyria has four base classes with 36 class advancements.
  • The Soldier class is a group of elite military swordsmen. Using blades, they dole out greater damage than the other classes.
  • The Recruit class focuses on dodging incoming attacks while displaying deadly accuracy with their Rocket Propelled Bolt (RPB) launchers.
  • The Scientist class use their profound intellect to harness the power of nanobots, microscopic machines that can be programmed to deal damage, to inflict a variety of status effects on your opponent, or to heal your character.
  • Workers are the armoured tanks of Velyria; they can take a brutal amount of damage and return the favour with a swing of their mighty pickaxes.

Features of Project: Velyria
  • Four base classes (Soldier, Recruit, Scientist, and Worker) and thirty-six branching advancements!
  • Randomly generated, yet persistent tile-based maps to explore.
  • Turn-based combat featuring hundreds of class skills and attacks.
  • Dozens of fierce monsters and wicked bosses to defeat.
  • Hundreds of story missions and optional side-missions.
  • Plenty of branching dialogue choices with NPC conversations
  • Hundreds of weapons, equipment sets, and items to use!
  • Chip enhancements allow players to modify their weapon and equipment stats
  • Create or join alliances and work together to unlock alliance-only skills and missions!
  • Tons of achievements to unlock on The Madjestic Network

Project: Velyria is currently possibly to sign up and create a character in Project: Velyria. They also have three founder packs that players can purchase to unlock exclusive items.