The anime-style 3D MMORPG, Project NT, finally got an official name since it was revealed nearly two years ago. Developed by Thingsoft and operated by the giant Nexon in Korea, Project NT now is called Peria Chronicles. Nexon has claimed the global right for this game after the recent take over of Thinsoft. More information of the game will be unveiled at the long-awaited G-Star 2013 in Nov.

Based on Thingsoft's self-developed engine, the game is set in the background of the war between human and monsters. Players' mission is to fight against the monsters in order to expel the beasts that disturbs human's social order. Players are more like watching an anime while playing the game.

There is not class in Peria Chronicles. But players can capture the monsters as their summoned 'pets'. The pets act as players' classes. They have skills and are able to equip gears. What's more, player can free design terrain, build houses and create their own world in the game.

Nexon has also launched the teaser site for Peria Chronicles at

Some artworks for in-game costumes:

Female costume in Peria Chronicles

Male Costume in Peria Chronicles

Source: Steparu