I have always loved coffered ceilings , they are so beautiful and a gorgeous feature to almost any room.
I added one beam in our last house to separate the smooth ceiling from the bead board covered ceiling in our family room ,check it out here so I know how to get a box beam installed I suppose but I have never tackled a large ceiling nor a grid pattern. It will be a big learning process. I am very excited to get this project going.

 I will be installing 4 beams total that will intersect. The depth of the beams will be 5.5" and 5 1/4" wide framed with crown moulding.
I was mapping out the placement of the beams finding the ceiling joists. I needed to work around the pot lights and the very large oscillating ceiling fan we have installed because that is not coming down , it was not easy to get up there.
I have measured out 53" in from each side of the longest wall and 48" in from the shorter walls. The room is 12' wide by 17' long. This will create one large rectangle in the center and one in each corner of the room.
I will use MDF sheets to make the box beams , I have found a lumber yard locally that sells extra long MDF 24"x161".
Here is the blank slate now.

We just need to move all the furniture out then I need to rip out the carpet and under pad and then get started on the ceiling. this may take a few weeks....wish me luck. After the ceiling is complete I will install the pine flooring and finish that then I will move onto the dining room ceiling and flooring in there.
I will be re-creating this style of coffered ceiling with bead board .
 As for the flooring in that room I want to try something special I have narrowed it down to one of these designs....of course mine will be wider planks 4" and dark stained red pine like the rest of the wood flooring.
For now I am going to focus on the family room to get that done in time for Christmas and if I start on the dining room it will be bonus but I am not putting any pressure on myself at this point.

So hang in there I will be updating along the process but my blog posts may just slow down a little.
Bye bye for now , thanks for stopping by.