Uncharted Waters Online, going on its 8th year as the Free-to-Play MMORPG set in the 15th century 'Age of Exploration' and naval warfare, will be re-launching on Thursday, November 28, 2013, with a new MMO publisher, OGPlanet. The current service of UWO will conclude on Monday, November 25, 2013. The current large community of dedicated UWO fans will be happy to know that their accounts will transfer over to OGPlanet's service when they sign up on November 28, 2013.

Uncharted Waters Online is the latest from an iconic gaming series that dates back to Nintendo (NES) days. OGPlanet, a Free-to-Play MMO publisher of 9 years with hit titles such as Rumble Fighter, SD Gundam Capsule Fighter, and recently Heva Clonia Online, is extremely excited to be bringing over yet another huge, overseas hit by partnering with the legendary developer TECMO KOEI GAMES, behind the ever-popular Dynasty Warriors series, to continue UWO's service and to grow it's already large dedicated player-base in North America.

Player Migration

Current UWO Players via Netmarble/gPotato can link their previous Netmarble account with a new or existing OGPlanet account when OGPlanet's service begins (Nov 28) through http://uwo.ogplanet.com. Players via Steam who are still able to play UWO via Steam, can link their UWO Steam account with a new or existing OGPlanet account now by following prompts when launching the game now through Nov 25.

Uncharted Waters Online Key Features

  • Relive and rewrite the historic 15th Century, known as the "Age of Exploration", discovering new worlds, accumulating power and wealth. Start as one of three starter classes: Adventurer, Merchant, or Soldier, and select your nationality to set sail: England, The Dutch Republic, The French Regime, The Spanish Empire, The Kingdom of Portugal, or The Republic of Venice. Forge your own destiny at sea.
  • 75 Professions with 100+ Skills to master, with authentic, modifiable, period ships: The English Frigate, Hansa Cag, Baltic Galleon, Spanish Carrack, Turkish Galley, and much more.
  • Engage into massive naval battles with up to 200 ships, strategizing with other players to take down common enemies in some epic warfare at sea
  • Be the first to discover new historic lands and artifacts, new towns with distinct facilities (shipyards, banks, craft shops, etc.), and explore the vast world of UWO
  • Re-write History as a Hero or Tyrant; become a Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Magellan, or a dreaded Pirate Drake
  • Possibilities are endless, find an unoccupied island and build your own farm!

Discover a legend in gaming, and explore the massive world of Uncharted Waters Online. Players should invest the time to fully enjoy what millions world-wide have already. With a new home on OGPlanet, prepare to set sail on Thursday, November 28, 2013!