Gamebox, the operator of the browser-based games Odin Quest and General War and the TCG Ancient Summoner has recently announced their upcoming downloadable MMORPG Inferno Legends. To give players a sneak peak, a teaser website is also live at

Inferno Legends will take players to the next level from the stunning graphics to the smooth gamplay players are in for an adventure. Players can get a small taste of what they are in for by watching the trailer below.

Gamebox has the ambition to attract more hardcore players after years of browser based game operation and building their community. This new downloadable MMORPG may help them achieve that goal.

Inferno Legend is unique and has a nontraditional story line. Players will take on the role of the Devil. Living in the underground world, the player learns various and very interesting abilities and fighting those humans of so-called justice.

The launch date of the closed beta testing for Inferno Legend CBT will be announced soon. Players that register for Inferno Legends before the official launch will receive a special gift of $4.99 in the game after the server opens.