You may or may not like it, but Valentine’s Day is here. And if you don’t have plans yet, how does the idea of gaming on Valentine’s sound like? Interested? Good. Here are a few games you can play based on your emotional or relationship status.

For the single and emotional – dating sims

You know those romanticized chick flicks where everyone goes through a good number of emotionally-draining conflicts before they get their happy ending? This is the video game equivalent for that, except you’re the main character and it’s up to you to decide what happens. I normally wouldn’t recommend this because it will usually make you just feel worse for spending February 14 with an imaginary character instead of a real person. However some people I know actually prefer to spend time with a 2D character or, as the males would call them —their ‘waifu’ (Japanese pronunciation of ‘wife’). This could potentially be a good game for the friendzoned. Just don’t play the ones where you can be rejected.

For the one who wants to remain single – hardcore MMORPGs

You have a lot of time in your hands, right? That’s exactly what you need to grind and reach god-like levels in most MMORPGs today. If you’re interested in some online socialization, you can join a guild or simply interact with other players around you. But if you’re not, that’s fine, too. You can head to open world fields, raid dungeons or craft weaponry among other in-game activities. If you get tired of being single, the game is also for you, as some people end up finding ‘relationship opportunities’ in MMORPGs. Just make sure you don’t get scammed by your online significant other.

For those who want to test the strength of their relationship – MOBA games

I’m not just saying this because there are songs about DotA causing breakups, but because couples who play MOBA games actually tend to argue and rage at each other more so than usual. What used to be innocent statements like “why didn’t you stun?” or “we need wards” can be very vicious depending on the situation. Of course, bad in-game performance is a horrible excuse to hurt your significant other, but if either of you are immature, you will end up not speaking to each other or worse, breaking up. Trust me. I’ve seen it happen. At the same time, playing MOBA games could also be for those who want to break up with their significant other, because what better excuse to leave your girlfriend than if she didn’t ward against a Bounty Hunter?

For the single and looking – dance simulation/rhythm games

While there are a good number of games with couple systems, I have always found dance simulation games to be the cheesiest ones of all. This is probably because it has features that center more on socialization compared to other games. For example, Audition Dance Battle is a dance/rhythm game with a couple feature that unlocks multiple game modes ranging from wedding parties to breaking up, proving that an online marriage can be helpful even after Valentine’s Day since you can keep using its in-game benefits.

For the bitter and vengeful – shooting games

Being dumped or broken up with can make you feel very angry, bitter, and vengeful, and it’s better you take it out on video games instead of the people around you. You have all this pent-up rage that you need to throw at something—anything, really—and this is usually the drive you need when playing shooting games. Are you feeling like the silent killer? Play as a sly sniper. Do you feel like charging wildly and killing people? Grab some explosives and unleash your inner machine gun-toting Rambo. Whatever you do, though, do not do this to real people or animals.

For the gamer couple – something new

The thing about gamer couples is that they already have their preferences. After all, some of you may have met while playing an online game. But if you’re looking to play with or against each other for Valentine’s day, why not try something new?

If both of you are used to playing single player RPGs like the Final Fantasy series, why not try out a co-op or multiplayer game? Games such as Dragon Nest or Wakfu don’t stray too far from your comfort zone, yet still let you enjoy the experiences you’re familiar with, together.

You can also try out something more upbeat like Left 4 Dead or Audition Dance Battle. Alternatively, you can also head out to the arcade to play music games or racing games. Of course, try to stay away from the games that will potentially cause you to rage at each other.

Source: GamesinAsia