Tree of Savior Online is one of the hottest upcoming open world MMORPG's from Hakkyu Kim, the creator of one of the most beloved 2.5D Asian games - Ragnarok Online. The game will go in Beta test this year in Korea and cause great hype among the online gaming communities all over the world. Below is a peek at how this great title will keep up with the fame earned by its predecessor. 

PART 2 (read Part 1 here)

- Jobs, Skills, and Stats can be mixed together. (This sounds very promising.)
- Players don't need to follow guides, there are different and unique ways to build your character. (Freedom!)

- Community System where anyone can join whenever they want.
- If you walk close to a certain a person out on the field, you will automatically form a party with them. If they walk too far the party will be disbanded.
- Community environment guarantees full anonymity. (huh?)

This party system makes it easier so that players don't need to navigate through the UI of inviting someone and then disbanding the party. Unlike most MMORPG's, they want to make partying in this game much more common than solo'ing. It's a lot more funner to play with others than alone. (Though it's not mentioned in any of the articles, perhaps there will be an option to Opt-out of the Auto-System for the "Solo" players).

- Chatlog with timestamp system and a save feature. (Save your love-conversations!)
- Multi chatting system similar to KakaoTalk or Line.

- Tree of Savior offers a chance for lower levels to join on raid content.
- The servers will also offer a matchmaking system for the raid contents of the game.

The raid content is not restricted to end game content only, but will be accessible to lower level players. Just like Ragnarok Online, there will be field bosses that respawn over time. (Happy MVP'ing!)

- Tree of Savior will offer an item and player ranking system that shows off all kinds of detail. Damage board, Achievements, Adventure Log, Level, Classes, and etc. It will even show how many female and male characters are playing.
- It will show a rating on how will players enjoy the game. (Community Feedback System?)

- The game will offer cute characters, backgrounds, and themes. (Love cute!)
- Lot's of emotes and actions!

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Source: Steparu