Tree of Savior Online is one of the hottest upcoming open world MMORPG's from Hakkyu Kim, the creator of one of the most beloved 2.5D Asian games - Ragnarok Online. The game will go in Beta test this year in Korea and cause great hype among the online gaming communities all over the world. Below is a peek at how this great title will keep up with the fame earned by its predecessor.


Tree of Savior wasn't supposed to be showcased in during G-Star 2013, but the IMCGames representative Hakkyu Kim said this might be the perfect opportunity to introduce a little bit of information and media to the Project R1 fans. There were a lot of games with Ragnarok Online similarities and sequels, but they weren't successful because it didn't have the same feeling as the RO. IMCGames is hoping to create a new and original version with the Open World MMORPG Tree of Savior.

IMCGames is currently focusing on various ways a user can level up their character and make it unique. They added a a somewhat complex skill and stat system. Upon gaining a level on a character, you will get certain points that can be invested in skills and stats like Attack, Power, Critical Chance, Defense, Dodge, Magic Defense, Elemental Resists and Damage, and so much more.

Tree of Savior focuses a lot more on the collecting and leveling up system other than the questing system and scenario missions. Players can compete with each other without PvP'ing due to the achievement, rating, and ranking system. For example, if there is a player with very good equipment he will show up in the ranking charts as the most damage chart. There are some players who like exploring, he can then place his name on the adventure board ranking.

- Tree of Savior will offer 80 character classes and each class can advance up to 10 times.
- There are some classes that are hidden and hard to get due to certain requirements.

- The world has a lot of various looking themes each one is unique.
- Tree of Savior will offer a lot content and achievements.
- Over 200 different kinds of monsters.

Tree of Savior Online is going to be an Open World MMORPG with very large maps. These maps will have a unique theme of their own per area like in the image shown above. The company is also planning on adding 200 unique bosses ranging from raid, field, and dungeon bosses. Players can move from map to map to enjoy the beautiful looking areas and themes it has to offer.

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Source: Steparu