Dofus is one of the few fantasy MMORPG that uses Adobe’s Flash software. Not that that’s a problem unless you haven’t upgraded Flash in a while. You can join over 4 million users worldwide who play Dofus every month.

You can start out in the free zone of Incarnam, in the village of Astrub, but at some point you’ll want to pay for a monthly subscription.

The software used to play Dofus is small, only 3 megabytes; however, you will need to patch it and that will take the total to over 200 megabytes. Not too bad for a great game. It has different languages; depending on the country you’ll be connected. It also uses international English for those who enjoy a game with other cultures. You can join with the classic, heroic or tournament; however, beginners should start with the classic.

You can choose the goofy but lovable characters like the granny, treefolk, cat girl, pixie, elf, and other strange forms. It’s great fun to move around with a different avatar. You can customize your avatar with a gender and colors including clothes, trimming, and skin color. You can make your avatar look just like you or something else.

Dofus are the six sacred dragon eggs in the world. It’s up to you to find them and bring chaos to an end. You start out in the clouds above the island Incarnam. This is kind of a tutorial, so you’ll know what is going on and what you have to do to find the Dofus.

The World of Twelve takes you into the icons you can see on the floor. Each one is either a quest or an offer you can’t refuse. You have to complete each task to level up to the next level.

As you battle the evil, you gain points to move up a level or you can use them to get special equipment to defeat the enemy.

You gain spells, which can earn you points to learn new spells. Be sure to keep an eye on your Vitality, Wisdom, Strength, Intelligence, Chance, and Agility. When they get low, you’re at risk of being killed.

Dofus is not expensive to keep a subscription. It’s only $6.90 per month if you want to continue up pass level 20. However, playing to level 20 gets you all the skills you need to collect all the Dofus and win the game.

You can chat with others while playing, but it does distract and it can let the bad guys get close enough to kill you. Dofus is a great game to play, even if you don’t use a monthly subscription. Playing the trial to level 20 gets you into the game to the point you can’t put it down.

And most important, Dofus is free to play!