Tree of Savior Online is one of the hottest upcoming open world MMORPG's from Hakkyu Kim, the creator of one of the most beloved 2.5D Asian games - Ragnarok Online. The game will go in Beta test this year in Korea and cause great hype among the online gaming communities all over the world. Below is a peek at how this great title will keep up with the fame earned by its predecessor. 

PART 3 (read Part 1 here and Part 2 here)

Lastly, the first test is scheduled to start February 2014. The first Focus Group Test will be limited to a small audience. After they finish the test, they will develop and work on the game further. If all goes well, they will proceede to finding the right publisher for their game in South Korea.

Kim Hakkyu wants to create a classical MMORPG. Style is very important to him and he wanted a trademark game that people will remember his company by. He is hoping that Tree of Savior will be one of IMCGAMES original style game.

This concludes the preview! I'm looking forward to participating and doing some coverage on the beta, but since it's a FGT and limited test. There will most likely be an NDA, heck it might even be a live test in South Korea in which then, I may not be able to attend because I don't live there lol. Hope you enjoyed the lengthy preview and see ya on my next adventures!

Source: Steparu