Train the strongest and fiercest mercenaries of all time and lead them straight to the core of a bloody battlefield. Manage your base, equip your crew and get ready for action...

The browser-based game Jagged Alliance Online is an action-packed combination of tactics, management, strategy and role play. Strengthen, train and equip a group of elite mercenaries to take on dangerous missions and participate in epic turn-based combat with other players.

Jagged Alliance Online, developed by bitComposer Games, is an online version of the renowned PC games series – take control of a contingent of soldiers and command them to accomplish missions from an isometric perspective. Jagged Alliance Online is a mixture of PvP, PvE as well as co-operation with other players, with turn-based tactical combat and a striking 3D isometric graphics engine.

The game contains three action-packed core levels of game play. The first is the tactical map where you directly command your mercenaries in cut-throat real time combat. The second is the management level where you can build and design your very own powerful headquarters from which to use your mandate and authority. The third is the social layer, whereby you can form strategic alliances with other soldiers – decide which campaigns to take on, rent out your soldiers to allies or borrow some to strengthen your own battalion. Your allies may be your most valuable resource for the battlefield.

Amass fame and fortune as you claim victory over your opponents – the more campaigns and missions you successfully accomplish the more rewards you will reap. With increased wealth comes the ability to further train your mercenaries with better equipment and new skills, to ensure you have the bravest, strongest and most skilled soldiers of all time.

Each individual mercenary in Jagged Alliance Online is highly specialised and have unique abilities and character traits which you can manipulate to lead you into victory. Test your strategic and tactical skills in the action-packed warfare themed browser game that is Jagged Alliance Online.