Bang bang … two Indians fall over a cliff, Bang bang …. one cowboy bites the dust.

Hehe … who doesn’t like to play as cowboys and Indians? I’m honestly a big fan. And I am not dressing up as Billy the Kid because I would look silly in it and because now we have The West.

It's a free to play browser based online game in which you take the role of a American colonist that just arrived in the Wild West. Your task is to build your own town and become a legend. It’s up to you if you do that trough duels, adventures or hard labor.

Here are 4 classes to chose from after you reach level 10. The adventurers are ideal characters for players that love quest jobs, the duelers are suited for fast action and high adrenaline, soldiers are good defenders and seek the glory of the battlefield while the workers are the backbone of the community, avoiding confrontations and loving honest jobs.

You might ask yourself who wants to work in a wild west game? Well … there are a lot of workers out there. Without them the map would look deserted and you wouldn’t have shops from which to buy weapons or suits. There are benefits from being a worker. You have your own town or you get really involved in raising one up. So there is fun everywhere in The West, regardless of your playing style.

The game is made for occupied players, meaning that it takes a long time to go from one place to another, to finish a job or to rest in a town. It suits perfect a busy office worker that can check in every hour or so. Graphics are ok. It is perfect for what it should be. For each level you get skill and attribute points to customize your character. The trick is that every job has some requirements. For example you need 39 points to work as a cowboy. Those 39 points are a sum of your Horseback riding, Reflex, Tactics and Animal Instinct skills. If you didn’t put enough points in those skills you will not make 39 and you can’t do that job.

So there are no class restrictions but it all depends of your skill tree. The skill tree reflects your play style so you need to find a compromise between those two for a good game experience.

There are other nice features that make this game a good one. Like the stats in the Mortician where you can find out who is the best duelist in town or who did the most damage with one shot. The fort battles, the duelist’s hunger for more victims, the quite interesting quest system and many other features I will let for you to find out.

In conclusion, The West is a nice looking and very catchy browser game that could be played both at home or at work by all sorts of players, either if they are western fans or not.

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