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NGames, a leading online games developer and publisher, has today revealed the six classes players can choose from in upcoming magical new web RPG, Tales of Laputa.

Combining RPG gameplay with classic anime elements, Tales of Laputa thrusts players into a brave new world where magic and machinery coexist, and the threat of demonic invasions is an ever-present danger.

Players in Tales of Laputa will have six classes to choose from when they begin their adventure: Warrior, Wizard, Sniper, Priest, Mage and Assassin.

Warriors are the class that depend on brute strength in battle and wield their sword with great power. They are well versed in battle-tactics and are masters of the most effective fighting and survival skills. A good warrior must make use of various tactics, cooperate with different battle companions, and actively take the role of tank in the team.

Wizards are experts of psychic power and use a totem as their weapon. They bring endless nightmares to enemies as they take control of both body and mind. Wizards are not the most deadly, but their debuffs and powers are extremely powerful.

Snipers are masters of firearms and specialize in dealing large amounts of damage from range. However, as deadly as they are from range, they are vulnerable and require protection from enemies to be most effective.

Priests are good at supporting and healing other team members. It is said that their power is bestowed by the god of Morias and as such they are regarded as the embodiment of benevolence and redemption. The best Priests can keep a team alive for as long as necessary to defeat the enemy.

Mages use wands to turn spirit into destructive power. Their incredibly powerful attacks require a plentiful supply of mana, but the speed at which they can decimate opponents is unparalleled.

Assassins are proficient with daggers and adept at dealing quick, deadly strikes in the key spots of their enemies. Well trained Assassins can strike and kill before the target is even aware of their presence.

With six varied and exciting classes to choose from, there is an option for every player in Tales of Laputa. Interested players can visit the Tales of Laputa official website and pre-register now:


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