Wings of Destiny – Explore a world exploding with dangers and challenges.


4 different classes
Fly from one location to another
Survive the adventures
Realisitic game design
Play for free

Play as a knight, hunter, mage, or Priest in this MMO role playing game. Each of these classes will help to bring you closer to unlocking the mysteries of this world. No matter which character you choose to play, you will not be on the road to glory by yourself. The NPC of this game will always be looking to either help you or trick you into walking into a trap. Beware of who you trust!

While other RPG games require you to take long journeys by foot, Wings of Destiny has special boots called Wing Tips. These allow for you to easily fly from one location to another. This cuts down on the tedious and time consuming task of traveling great distances from one quest to another. The only place these special boots cannot bring you is into a dungeon – You will have to fight your way into the dungeons of Wings of Destiny by yourself!

Wings of Destiny puts you into the center of the action from the first moment you enter into the game. As you begin, you will see the world is littered with blood and dead bodies. It is up to you to figure out what has happened to this once peaceful land. The constant action and the varied scenarios of the maps will keep you glued to this game. Wings of Destinyhas dungeons, forest, palaces, and towns and villages which are all drawn in a stunningly realistic style. The canyon full of venomous spiders will give you the impression that you monitor is simply a window looking into this enchanted world.