Shadowland Online is a real-time browser strategy game focused around space-time traveling throughout the ages in your quest to save your homelands from the undead shadow that threatens them. Challenge, conquer, and recruit some of the strongest warriors in history such as Genghis Khan and Leonidas. Then bring their forces to the present to dethrone the Great Lich Ossanal.


Time-Space Travel: Travel to various parts of the world and battle historic figures of legend, then recruit them to your ever growing forces.

Alliance System: Team up with friends to challenge NPCs and other alliances for control of strongholds. The more strongholds your alliance acquires, the greater your power will become! Alliance Leaders can even battle for the title of High Ruler and lead all of God’s Continent against Ossanal.

Varying Battle Sizes: As you start out, all combat will consist of small skirmishes. As you progress and become more fluent with the game, larger and larger battlefields will open up, allowing you to test your leadership as you command huge armies at once.

Races: Choose from the Tribal Union, Empire of the Nobles, and Mercenary Cooperative, each featuring a unique setting to build your empire’s HQ.

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