Nekki, one of Russian premier social and mobile game developers/publishers and creators of Shadow Fight and Vector, brings "Gladiators", an exciting new Social RPG to Facebook.

The story happened at 100 AD - the pinnacle of prosperity and hedonism in ancient Rome. The Emperor's campaigns provide his coffers with an endless flow of treasure and resources. Wealthy Romans are craving for sensational entertainment, and none rival the popularity and notoriety of Rome's enormous arenas where 100,000 spectators gather to enjoy the violent chariot races and gladiator battles!

Nekki's new game carries you back to these glorious times, when Gladiators were superstars of the Roman nation. "Gladiators for Facebook" is the successor of the award winning browser game "" which has thrilled over 4 million people worldwide since 2010. Start your career by spotting talented candidates or hiring experienced mercenaries in the Roman markets. With the help of hand-picked trainers, look after the proper training of your men as you gain experience, influence and money and battle throughout the empire! Of course, you are not alone on Facebook! Countless competitors seek wealth and glory goal as well, but only few will eventually walk the halls of power as a mighty imperial senator.

At the heart of this new "social RPG" lies a sophisticated real-time battle system, which will test your fighters in every scenario from 1-on-1 duels all out melee battles with up to fourteen combatants and ten unit types. A deep Roman politico-economic simulation ties the battles together as you navigate senate elections, debates, assassinations, and coups. Don't miss this spectacle!

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