PVP focused Magicka: Wizard Wars has just been announced with an always amusing live-action video.
Magicka came out back in 2011 for PC and even though it had an incredibly buggy release it still sold quite well and made a positive impression with it’s cooperative focused gameplay. In that game there wasn't much player versus player action going around, beyond a foolish or cruel ally aiming their spell poorly or decided to cast lightning storm while you are drenched with water, and now Paradox Interactive’s North studio is heading up another venture into this strange and comedic world, but this time it pits players purposely against each other.

Magicka: Wizard Wars will be throwing players into four versus four fast paced combat that has wizards desperately trying to out cast each other. Your wizards will have persistent character progression that will let you create your own perfect setup. The game will still have friendly fire, so it is still hardcore in that respect, and matches will be short, but chaotic and brutal.

Paradox hasn’t really explained what types of arenas this game will have, but there is an odd mention of MOBA style PvP combat in the press release, so we will have to see what that really means later on. The new live-action video below heavily references a certain book series/show called Game of Thrones, but mainly it is just here to announce the game in a very amusing way.

Check that video out and Paradox is currently at GDC showing off the game so expect to see some more solid details surface soon.

Source: beefjack.com
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