Chrono Tales is a free to play 3D fantasy browser based MMORPG. In Chrono Tales you the player accidentally unleash the Hell King Ulam. Unable to combat the foe, you are sent back two years in the past in order to attempt to change the course of history.

Chrono Tales utilizes a unique pet combat system whereby a player can have up to three pets out at once. As pets level up their abilities increase and players gain access to new uses for their pets including using them as mounts, combat pets and the ability to fuse with the player in order to gain additional attributes.

As players continue to level up they will gain access to large scale siege warfare, whereby they and others can participate in capturing keeps in PvP combat. Players can also participate in world boss fights which gives players a chance to gain legendary loot if they are successful. Chrono Tales gives players numerous customization options including an astrology feature where players can obtain Soul Stars which grant different attributes. Soul Stars can be leveled up independently which grant access to zodiac vigors allowing for even further customization.