Would you play an MMO that was more about using your brain than your virtual brawn? Would you be fine with said game resetting every month? If you answered "yes" to these two questions and don't make a habit of talking out loud to a computer monitor, then Genia: Brain Storm wants you for beta testing.

Genia: Brain Storm challenges players to collectively work on constructive projects using real-world knowledge while delaying the opposition as much as possible. It looks like it's an isometric free-to-play MMORTS that will hold 5,000 players per game and will end every 30 days to allow for a fresh start.

"If you want to achieve ultimate victory, you must team up and put your collective knowledge and discoveries to work," the website proclaims. "Not only does this add a clever new dimension to your game, it also sharpens your mind, making your hours of fun time well-spent."

Genia Inc. has been working on this title for four years and is seeking testers for its upcoming closed beta. If you're interested, just head over to the company's website to apply.