In this browser based MMORPG you will have the chance to explore vast realms of an intricate fantasy world, full of mysterious creatures and dangerous enemies...

Juggernaut is a browser based role-playing game, set in a vast game world packed with quests, combat, and adventures. In the fantasy MMORPG players must join one of several factions, and join the war that is raging across the land. Prove your strength as a fierce warrior on the battlefield and earn valuable treasure, as well as honor and glory.

The more experience you have in the thrilling role-playing game Juggernaut, the more combat skills you develop, gaining access to more intricate moves, improving your chances of slaying your opponents.

You also have the opportunity to take command of your very own division of powerful warriors, each with unique abilities. Your battalion will loyally defend and support you on the battlefield to the death, whilst fiercely striving to defeat your enemies.

You can roam the mystical world of Juggernaut either as a lone ranger or as a part of a clan. Your clan will assist you in tumultuous times, and together you can accrue power, influence and wealth. In the browser based game Juggernaut you and your clan are able to maintain your own residency, from which you can prepare yourselves for the intense battles and engaging quests. In the browser based game Juggernaut you uncover the secrets of the land of Haradan, prepare yourself for battle and strive to become a renowned and feared warrior.