Yitien is a 2.5D Oriental fantasy MMORPG published by R2Games.com. Recently the game has been in Beta Phase since 25 March 2013. In Yitien, players travel the world of Yuan Dynasty, China on a quest to master the secrets contained on two ancient kung-fu scrolls. The beauty of Yitien is its versatility. From traditional, turn-based RPG battles to a multi-player arena to a familiar game called Rock, Paper, Scissors, Yitien has it all.

Yitien will be one of the first games of its kind with an entirely Chinese theme to be released in the Western market. Reality Squared Games hopes (and expects) that Yitien will not only provide entertainment, but will bridge the ever-shrinking gap between the East and West.


Main Quests: Players can follow the main storyline as they travel through Yuan Dynasty China, defeat enemies and obtain items and equipment to increase their character's strength.

The Grove of Valor: The Grove of Valor is a unique PK event held at 8:15 PM every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It is divided into three divisions based on character level: Beginner (lvl. 30-49), Intermediate (lvl. 50-69) and Advanced (lvl. 70+). Only the 500 strongest players from each level division can fight in the Grove of Valor.

Kunlun Mts.: Every day at 7:30 PM, players can enter the Kunlun Mts. by talking to an NPC in the main city. Upon entering, all players will be dressed as Yetis and their names will display as "Yeti". There will also be real Yetis roaming the mountains as well. Mounts, chat channels, pets, clothing, titles and character info will be hidden to ensure that it is impossible to distinguish Yetis from players.

Checkpoint: Checkpoint is like a mini-board game within Yitien itself. The objective of Checkpoint is fairly simple, reach the checkpoint. Players roll the dice and move their player the corresponding amount of spaces on the board. If two players land on the same space, they will battle one another. While moving around the board, players may also encounter mysterious warriors that challenge them to games of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Defeat them to earn rare Essence Orbs.