Edgeworld is a ground-breaking MMORTS title that removes the common restraints and time issues that plague the majority of today's MMORTS games. Edgeworld offers players a sci-fi themed game world where players must build a strong colony, defend from enemy attacks and spread their influence across the galaxy.

The greatest aspect of Edgeworld is the unique approach to RTS combat. Like other games there's a huge variety of units to choose from, including everything from basic humans to highly evolved alien races. Each and every unit has a unique appearance and is designed to excel against certain units or structures. When attacking an enemy base, or defending your own, you must choose where to place your troops. Edgeworld provides every base with the latest Warp Technology which allows you to instantly transport a number of units to a location of your choosing. Intelligent players will scout out enemy bases and find a weakness in the defenses, before teleporting troops over to take advantage of that weakness. However, as every player and NPC base has access to this warp technology, defense is also a highly important aspect of Edgeworld. Players can construct a large variety of turrets, each of which is designed to counter a certain unit, careful placement of turrets and scouting reports on your enemy forces are key to survival. Once the troops have been launched, sit back and watch some of the greatest combat scenes available in a MMORTS game.

As well as the ground-breaking combat system, Edgeworld includes in-depth base construction, a fan favorite for RTS players. Many buildings can be constructed and placed wherever you want in your base, with each building having a unique purpose and design. You'll want to make sure you have enough resource buildings to create a steady flow, a barracks to hire your troops and various other buildings to ensure your technology is state of the art.

Edgeworld is arguably one of the most innovative RTS games available on the internet. The graphics can be compared to the recently released Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, while the game-play features all of the best RTS mechanics combined with one of the most interesting combat and construction systems available.