The Lost Titans is an action-packed MMORPG featuring full 3d graphics and high speed gameplay from ZQGame. The Lost Titans does require a short download of a plugin, but is played on your browser and looks rather amazing for such a game. With full 3D you can rotate the camera and enjoy the landscape just like a normal MMORPG.

In The Lost Titans you choose one of three available and different classes, each with it’s own fighting style, weapon and skills. There aren’t many skills for each class, but the ones you acquire are pretty useful and most likely you’ll find yourself using them all. Increasing your skills’ levels is different in The Lost Titans and is done by spending starsouls, a unique type of resource you acquire by completing instance dungeons. Whenever you finish a dungeon you get ranked according to your performance and receive up to five starsouls accordingly, you can repeat a dungeon if needed to improve and get the maximum possible of starsouls. At certain levels you will unlock upgrades for your skills and will be able to spend those starsouls in order to advance them to the next level.

The Lost Titans consists of a large world (at the moment as the game is pretty new) with plenty of monsters to kill and quest givers that will be happy to give you tasks to fulfill. Other than the main quest line and occasional side quests, there are many daily quests and special events you can do for some extra money and items.

There are several tiers of items you can find in The Lost Titans easily marked by color, while the basic stat for item of the same type and level is the same, additional stats are generated randomly when you pick the item while hIgher tier items will have more stats. There are several ways to enhance your items such as upgrading, enchanting and socketing, but the best thing is that everything you do can be reversed for a full refund of the cost. Since items have high levels of upgrades which require an increasing amount of money as well as other rare items, this makes it much simpler as you don’t need to be afraid of finding a better item and lose all the resources you spent on the old one. Simply downgrade and disenchant your items and you’ll be able to start upgrading your new item without losing anything. Instance dungeons will usually provide you with the better items, and harder dungeons will give you chance to find rarer and more powerful equipments. The main problem though is that the backpack’s capacity is quite limited, but you can always disenchant items on the spot in order to free up some room.

Combat in The Lost Titans is simple but a bit underwhelming and feels somewhat not polished enough. You can set numbers to your skills and just click the skill, choose your target (or area for AOE skills) and watch it die. It is possible to switch targets with the tab button but clicking on the first monster can sometimes fail and make you run straight to it until you manage to lock on it. You can dodge AOE attacks of your enemies which is pretty important during boss battles, but except for PVP most battles are a simple grindfest. For that you have the auto combat system, just press A and your character will kill every enemy in sight. Eventhough it can be rather repetitive, The Lost Titan is far from boring and fighting those hordes of monsters while leveling and finding better equipment is fun and highly addictive.

The Lost Titans also has guild system and an arena, and several cool ways to improve your character beyond gear and level as well as pets and mounts. You can join one of the three houses and start your PVP life in this challenging world and become a titan.

The Lost Titan provides a unique next generation browser MMORPG experience, with it’s fantastic graphics engine, you will almost forget that this game is running on your browser as it feels and runs like a normal downloadable MMORPG. There is enough content and daily events to keep you occupied and all and all it’s just a good, beautiful and fun game.

Source: MMOSquare