Ninja Heroes is a browser-based RPG action MMO from Voomga, which publishes Skyripper, War of Throne and Mythic Saga. The game is also available on Facebook.

Ninja’s live by the code of the Shinobi, working as mercenaries for the honor of their villages. From exciting friendships and intense battles ninjas learn what it means to walk the path of a true hero. It’s time for you to start your own adventure. Meet your friends and face your enemies while you learn the secrets of powerful ninjitsu! With a secret organization trying to track you down, it won’t be long before adventure finds you in the world of Ninja Heroes!

Character Classes:

Katon: The Power of Fire
Katon (Fire) is the jutsu of turning the elements into powerful fire energy. You can mold superheated chakra through your stomach then blow it out into a cloud of raging flame. Ninjas of the Katon school also learn to use explosive tags and carry the secret of channeling chakra into weapons!

Raiton: The Power of Lightning
Raiton (Lightning/Thunder) is the fastest type of jutsu that allows you to generate lightning by filling your body with high frequency chakra. This is the ultimate jutsu type for assassins favoring fast movements and piercing attacks. This jutsu lets you paralyze your opponents and deliver powerful finishing strikes. Raiton grandmasters can even use the Chitori!

Suiton: The Secret of Water
Suiton(Water) jutsus allow you to control the water around you or create your own by turning the chakra in your body into water. Masters of the suiton jutsu school are feared by all Ninjas, once you master suiton jutsu, attacking enemies with waterfalls and tsunamies is just the beginning!

Futon: The Power of Storm
Futon (Wind) jutsus take longer to master but produce some of the deadliest ninja attacks. You can slash your opponents by molding your chakra into sharp blades of energy. These mid-rang techniques are the rarest type of jutsu and require precise control of the air around you. Master the Futon school jutsus and even your weapons will be wrapped in powerful wind chakra!

The side-scrolling world of Ninja Heroes has different maps, by small size and populated with various kinds of creatures, where the hero can move left, right, up and down. Players travel on these maps, meet NPCs and accept various quests, learn active and passive skills and master their specific nature elements, like wind, fire, water and lightning.

Ninja Heroes has an automatic system by navigation and fighting, which facilitates the gaming experience. You can also customize the shortcut keys according to your need by simply drag the shortcut icon to keyboard icon.

This game has a well-implemented social component, and offers the players different ways to interact with each other. They can get virtually married (in the game), or rest together with another player, to obtain extra experience bonus. Also, automatically recommendations of top players for newbie players to choose the one they like to be their sensei. There is a multi-channel chat system for players to enjoy the channel which they want to use.

Ninja Heroes implements a side-scrolling presentation into the RPG experience, and seems to promise an interesting adventure.