Zomber Squad is a flash-based online MMORPG that is playable on web browsers with no download and installation. In the game, you battle against numerous zombies as you learn new skills and improve your equipment.

To be honest with you, I never took the least bit of liking to zombie games before, as the zombies were usually unbearably grotesque, and the fighting was generally very unimaginative, not to mention the limited and boring choices out there. I had been quite convinced that one could never get much fun from such kind of games, but now I have a confession to make: my views were very partial and are now uprooted. Actually, zombie games can be a blast, as Zomber Squad has practically engaged me for hours ever since I discovered it.

This game is set in the world of 2050, when a mysterious virus appears overnight to change infected human beings to Zombers, a type of creature that has a huge appetite for human brains, which aggravates the misfortune of this planet beset by catastrophes. As a gamer, you will be an agent in this Zomber Squad to fight off Zombers and take back the planet Earth. Let me share with you one of the breathtaking moments in my game. My tank hero, the well-armed muscular Brawler, is now on a thrashing and smashing spree on the frontline with his powerful Sawk Strikes. However zombies keep approaching at a disheartening speed with their axes, hammers and a whole array of other dreadful weapons. I am very concerned, as I know even with high health points, the tank hero may not always hold out. I am nearly desperate when suddenly I think of my remote bomber. Yeah! As a hacker, I know I can easily explode a group of zombies to ashes. Hurray! But alas, the brawler is injured! And a new horde of zombies are approximating. What can I do? I am running out of usable heroes… But my powerful pet is always standing by, so now I decide it is its time to shine. Releasing my pet that has evolved across 3 tiers, I find for the first time how strong my squad is and how important cooperation is! I wish I could share with you the delightful victory.

In this game, I notice a lot of great features. Unlike many other online games, you needn’t start from nothing and gain knowledge about everything in the game through heart-rent failures. Instead a few explanatory pages give you sufficient information for you to start your mission immediately. After creating a personal account and through a simple click of the “PLAY” icon, you will be brought into a strange world where zombies flourish and take control.

Your ultimate mission (shown under your profile as “Main”) is to conquer these zombie-dominated outposts. But do not imagine yourself as a solitary fighter whose fate is greatly influenced by how many weapons you have bought or any other factors. In this game, as its title indicates, you have a squad, though probably at the beginning you will probably have only one hero for some time!

As your character levels up, you have the opportunity to choose the greatest heroes to be on your board. You must be surprised to find as many as twelve heroes of three categories are out there for you to choose. But to be clear, only 6 are available in the beginning, and 6 more will be unlocked at higher levels. And your choices are virtually greatly broadened by the recruitment board updates, which takes place every 20 minutes. These heroes are damage heroes, tank heroes and healer heroes. As you can imagine, damage heroes are able to launch offences and inflict various damages upon enemies (Zombers, in this case). A scientist that can manufacture Nanopuppy or Blight Scorpion is surely able to bring harm to opponents.

Also, bishops who can put zombies to trial by fire belong to this offensive force. What’s more, hacker, special ops and even hair stylist are capable of damaging zombies too. Thus the above mentions are damage heroes. Then what are tank heroes? Of course, they are those who always fight in the forefront with great health points and able to take a lot of damages. Besides, they often have high attack power. For instance, Iron Man-the brawler and monks mastering Shaolin martial arts fall into this type. The last type is healer hero, who cannot launch powerful attacks, but can help restore other heroes’ health. A representative healer hero is the nurse who can help the squad with bubble wrap and consolation. Another symbolic healer is the nun, able to produce magical cure. But here is a little piece of advice, drawn from my experience. Even when I reached higher levels, many battles still saw my squad pretty much crushed, as I didn’t notice the grade (differentiated by text colors) of each hero when I chose them, nor did I had the wisdom to choose from three different categories. So, with 3 low-grade damage heroes in different positions, I didn’t go very far.

I also find the in-game pets system very innovative. Pets are not designed to be a mount; instead they can go through multiple changes and even transformations to launch a series of attacks. Let me explain with the example of my own pet, Bruce. At the very beginning, it was merely a very little and seemingly unruly puppy, so I thought probably it would not help that much after all. But curiosity drove me to feed it and raise it with the latest biotech. And some time later I was very surprised to notice that it was not only bigger but also changed in its appearance (after I clicked the Evolve icon). Only then did I stop and give a careful look to the pet system, which turned out to be really amazing. On the window of My Pets, I found I can not only timely feed Bruce according to the obedience index, but also handle him in different ways. I can use it, release it, evolve it, Zomberfy it and expose it as I wish. A pet has many evolutionary paths, and I chose to make a strong and invincible looking lion (an animal I especially admire) out of Bruce. One thing I am particularly interested in is its transformational use. By Zomberfying (meaning combining the genes of Zomber with your pet’s DNA) a pet, your pet is changed into a Zomber, meaning you will see Zombers fighting Zombers. Interesting, isn’t it?

The last point I want to share with you is about the equipment. When I first played this game, I was often exasperated by the fact that I cannot buy the kind of equipment I want. Later on I knew that the Emporium restocked the goods there once an hour. So you may check later if you cannot find the items you want at first. Still, there are some weapons you have to forge at the Smithy Forge, as they are not available in the in-game market. The only way to obtain weapons in this game is to attack Zomber Outposts, which is as challenging as it is rewarding. Money, pet evolution potion, skillbook, equipments and a lot of other tempting items are all there for you to gather.

In conclusion, Zomber Squad is a very good zombie game with a lot of revolutionary concepts. If you are looking forward to a different zombie gaming experience, I strongly recommend this game to you. Come on, do not let the mindless and ravenous Zombers to gain the upper hand!

Source: MMOWood