Tekken Card Tournament is a cross-platform, browser-based game, Turn-based Online Card Game, free to play on web browser using the classic fighting series Tekken, from NAMCO BANDAI Games.

Tekken Card Tournament is a collectible card game, in which you can collect cards for build up ultimate deck to defeat opponents in real-time duels, and winning the competitions.

For fighting, the players have to choice between Arcade Mode (PvE), or to enter in competitions ("WW Online Championship"), and free challenges ("Friendly Matches") against other players (PvP). Eight Tekken characters are available as playable fighters, the game currently features Kazuya, Paul, Law, Nina, Yoshimitsu, Xiaoyu, Panda and Lili. More fighteres will be updated later according to the game developer.

Tekken Card Tournament, puts to players disposition more than 300 cards, and new cards are regularly added. Cards can be Common, Uncommon, Rare or Super-Rare. You can fuse cards ("Card Fusion") to create more powerful versions of their, and to a used-card marketplace you can buy and sell cards.

Tekken Card Tournament has a stunning graphics with 3D visual effects, a solid gameplay, a diversity of choices for card lovers and certainly will be appreciated by its fans.