Divines of the East (DOTE) is a free to play 2D Side-scrolling browser game published by NGames in which players are immersed into an ancient era filled with unique and legendary creatures from Chinese mythology. Being hunted by the gods and hated by the creatures, you must forge friendship and call upon the power of your partners to help save the troubled land.

In the game, players are able to play three classes: Swordsman, Eidolon and Leaf Elf. Each class has its unique advantages and disadvantages, and a team of three classes plays an important role during the battles.

Eidolon: A long-ranged spell caster who is able to do the most devastating damage out of the three classes, but has very low defense.

Swordsman: A melee class with great physical defense. He uses a sword to unleash devastating attacks on both single and multiple targets.

Leaf Elf: A ranged support class and the only one with healing spells. She uses control and debuff spells to weaken enemies.

At first sight, the game looks a bit like R2Games’s Yitien. While it is set in a side-scrolling background, we believe its gameplay is similar to Dragon Pals.

Like any “free” MMO, Divines of the East offers its users an interesting balance of being able to play a decent MMO game for no cost, and wanting to pay more in for that extra exp and storage space. What I can say about this game is, for a free MMO, it has quite stunning visuals and a pretty involved weapons and equipment system. This side scrolling MMO has its flaws but, compared to its competitors, Divines of the East is excellent.

Things to keep in mind before you start playing this game: The absolutely nauseating soundtrack, the lack of voice acting, and the extensive use of pop-up menus. That being said, I see why this release was anticipated. The staggering amount of upgrades to weapons, armor, character abilities, servant’s abilities, your party’s abilities, etc., keeps players signed in. Divines of the East plays sort of like Dragon Pals, but is much more in-depth.

Divines of the East is a clean-looking game. There is a very unique design to every character. The different areas you can enter look excellent. Each character has their own attacks that are all animated quite well. It actually looks like they are attacking. Your foes look intimidating and were created with great imaginative minds.

What will keep you coming back are all the upgrades, weapons, fights, quests, servants (a companion), and the community around the game. There are also different gifts and rewards that are given to you for just signing on. Is that not enough? For a free MMORPG, this game really has everything.

Though, there are some things that you must avoid in order for Divines of the East to be a game that you will keep coming back to. The amount of different kinds of pills and upgrades and changes you can do can become confusing especially if you intend on skipping both the tutorials and a vast majority of the dialogue. I caught myself doing this after a little bit. Keep reading and keep diving into the story, you won't regret it!

Also, the game can get repetitive. Get a mission, do the mission, collect the reward and experience. It is easy to get caught in this trap. I found myself accepting missions and completing them without even knowing what I was doing. To keep the game fresh I would suggest you break off of the main quest line and just go exploring.

Another thing to keep in mind with this game, you have to just stick with it. It took a couple of sessions in order for me to fully appreciate what the creators have done. Once you are understand the small nuances of all the buttons you can press on screen this game will start to be a lot better for you.

All that being said, Divines of the East serves up a lot of fun. The “dungeons” that you can enter in this game are where all the fun is. Who wants to just look at weapons all day anyways? Once you get out and start engaging in battles is when you will realize how much fun this game is. Each battle is quick. No more hour long engagements with the enemies. You're in you're out, and you're on to the next one. Lots of fun!

Divines of the East is really streamlined. If you want to do a quest you simply click on the quest and your character will go there. It’s incredible how you don't have to spam click all the way to your destination with this game. All your menu options are on the screen at all times. No need to go through three different menus just to change what weapon you are using.

This game has a lot to offer with its quick and exciting battles, in depth equipment systems, and easy map negation. That with all the quests you can do keeps the game seemingly larger than it actually is.

I would suggest this game to any beginner MMORPG gamer. Though, the menu tab can get a little confusing it is still pretty intuitive. I don't see anyone spending hours on end playing this game, but who wants to do that anyways? Divines of the East does offer a lot more to those who are willing to pay up, but I can't think of anything they would do to make it worth putting real money into this game. Overall, this is a great game and a good way to spend an afternoon.

Source: dotMMO