Immerse yourself in the world of Renaissance Europe and take on the role of a noble. Build an empire from the ground up by defeating your enemies and creating a major city in the free-to-play strategy game Rise of Europe!

As a member of a powerful noble family, you find yourself in Europe in the Middle Ages. Whether you are a member of the Fugger, Tudors or Medici family, you must still fight for your position in Renaissance Europe. You will face-off against other players who are trying just as hard to expand their own sphere of influence. However, you will also be able to forge alliances with players around you, possibly making your position in the world a little more secure. You will need to make sure that your family is always portrayed in the best way while you take your small town in Renaissance Europe and turn it into a sprawling metropolis.

In Rise of Europe, there is a heavy focus on historical battles that took place in Medieval Europe. If you employ the right strategy and the better tactics, you are sure to come out on top. That is quite important in a cutthroat world.

In the browser-based strategy game Rise of Europe, it doesn’t just revolve around how successful you are as an individual. As the member of a noble family you must also pay attention to the interests of your family. This means you must not only build and expand your city into a metropolis, you must also be ready to care for the land and those people you depend on. If you manage to do that and defeat your enemies, you could find yourself well on your way to being one of the most powerful rulers in all of Renaissance Europe.

Source: browsergames