The anime classic Fiesta Online is celebrating its fifth birthday. The new “Crusader” character class has been added to celebrate the anniversary of this fantasy RPG.

A birthday is always a good excuse for a party. Particularly when it’s the 3D MMORPG Fiesta Online; the name says it all! There are still some thrilling adventures in store for our players even after five years. Players are invited to the big parade in Elderine to celebrate, and can take part in a special birthday -dance event. A new character class has now been added for advanced players – the Crusaders.

More than two million players worldwide are already immersed in the fantasy world of Isya. To mark the fifth anniversary, we have yet another surprise for real Fiesta champions. >From level 60 players can choose the Crusader: a unique character from the sixth and new hero class. Crusaders belong to the historical Elf class and are noted for their special combat abilities. The heroes left Isya hundreds of years ago with the mission to protect the elven upper class from numerous threats. They are now returning with their leader, Tiros, to save the world from the forces of evil. Crusaders are the first hybrid characters¬ in Fiesta, and can assume various roles and carry out a range of tasks. Besides their physical strength, they also possess magical and healing powers. Unlike the other classes, the Elf Fighters use the power of sunlight and moonlight to fight monsters and provide protection. There is a further upgrade from level 100: The strongest Crusaders become Templars.

Features of Crusaders:
  • The first hybrid class in Fiesta (combines offensive and defensive skills)
  • 77 weapons
  • 80 items for the fighter equipment
  • 23 equipment sets
  • 22 unique skills
  • 8 new quests

In Fiesta Online players experience breathtaking adventures, fight epic battles against monsters and learn extraordinary skills such as the art of potion and scroll production. At the start of the game, you select an RPG character from the five different classes. Choose between the fearless Fighter, the healing Cleric, the dangerous Archer, the cunning Mage and the soul-snatching Trickster. You can continue customizing these characters during the game. Users cannot only create their own guild systems in the richly detailed PvE and PvP gameplay, but can also pass on the knowledge they have gained as masters to other players.

The following events will take place in Fiesta Online to celebrate its fifth birthday:
  • Big parade in Elderine on July 27
  • Dance event from July 29 to 31!
  • Special birthday quests in the July 25 game until August 14
  • More events in the forum and on Facebook