Explore the vast expanses of the Hoomanil Ocean in the rich fantasy world of MMORPG Florensia, taking on your enemies, trading with your comrades and discovering new territories.

Florensia is a client-based online game set in a fantasy world where you take command of your own ship, which you must charter across the mysterious and vastly unchartered Hoomanil Ocean. Along the way you will be met by hordes of evil seafaring monsters as well as enemy players. Participate in epic battles and earn experience, rewards and honor. 

In the client game Florensia there are four character classes to choose from including the Mercenary, the Saint, the Noble and the Explorer. The Merceneray is gallant and loyal, and is highly skilled in swordsmanship. The Saint plays a supporting role, using the phenomenal powers of darkness and light in magical spells to destroy its opponents. The Noble is an agile character who also renders the power of magic in battles. 

The Explorer is adventurous, bold and expert at handling guns. Players are able to select from a further eight character classes once they have reached level 40. Strategically select your character class and get ready for adventures in the online game Florensia.

In the fantasy-themed game Florensia there are also a host of ships with which you can roam the high seas with. Roam the Hoomanil Ocean with the Armored Ship, the Assault Ship, Big Gun Ship, Maintenance Ship and Torpedo Ship. Each of these ships has their own unique features, and players can select which ship is best suited to their combat style and their character class. 

Establish a guild or party with your alliances; participate in exciting PvP, PvE and guild vs guild wars in the thrilling client game Florensia, and become a brave warrior of the sea.

Source: browsergames